Jagquin 40 mg Injection

Manufacturer Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Composition Chloroquine (40mg)
Type Injection
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How to use Jagquin 40 mg Injection

Your medical professional or registered nurse will certainly give you this medicine. Kindly do not self-administer.

How Jagquin 40 mg Injection works in the body

According to scientific research, this medicine works in the body per below(ME/1)

This medication is a an antiparasitic medicine which deals with jungle fever. It works by raising the degrees of haeme in the blood, a substance harmful to the malarial bloodsucker. This eliminates the bloodsucker and quits the infection from dispersing.


What are the Side effects of Jagquin 40 mg Injection

Scientific studies indicate, below mentioned side effects may occur while taking this medicine such as(ME/2)

  • Itching

Precautions to be taken while taking Jagquin 40 mg Injection

As per several scientific studies, some precautions need to be taken while taking this medicine such as(ME/3)

  1. this medication is utilized for the avoidance as well as therapy of jungle fever.
  2. Tips to lower the opportunity of being attacked by insects: Use light-coloured and also protected apparel when you are outdoors after sundown.
  3. Usage bug spray lotions or sprays on components of your body not covered by apparel.
  4. Spray to eliminate any type of insects that might have gotten in spaces even with testing.
  5. It might trigger obscuring of vision, when you initially begin taking it. Usage care while driving or doing anything that needs focus.
  6. Eye exam before and also at 3– 6 regular monthly periods throughout usage is needed if people are obtaining this medication at constant high dosages for longer period.
  7. It might trigger reduced blood glucose degree. Display your blood glucose degree frequently, if you are diabetic person.
  8. When made use of long-term, your medical professional might keep an eye on the quantities of the various sorts of blood cells in your blood frequently. Educate your medical professional if you have inexplicable wounding or hemorrhaging, aching throat, high temperature, or basic sensation of fatigue.

Safety instructions before taking Jagquin 40 mg Injection

  • Alcohol : Limited information available : Interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please consult doctor before consuming this medicine.
  • Pregnancy : Doing comparison of advantage and risk is required: This medication may be unsafe to use while pregnant. Animal studies have shown unfavorable impacts on the fetus, nonetheless, there are minimal human studies. The gain from usage in pregnant women might serve in spite of the danger. Please speak with doctor before consuming this medication.
  • Lactation : Safe: This medication is secure to utilize throughout lactation. Human studies have shown that either the drug does not enter the breastmilk in substantial amount or is not anticipated to trigger poisoning to the baby.
  • Kidney : Caution called for: This medication needs to be utilized with care in clients with kidney condition. Dosage adjustment of This medication might be required. Please speak with physician prior to consuming this medication.
  • Liver : Caution called for: This medication needs to be made use of with caution in clients with liver illness. Dose modification of this medication might be needed. Please seek advice from doctor prior to eating this medicine Regular monitoring of liver function tests may be advised while you are taking this medicine.
  • Driving : Care required: Do not drive unless you are really feeling well.Sometimes This medicine causes blurred eyesight or makes it difficult to focus your eyes which may affect your ability to drive.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is chloroquine a quinine/antibiotic/ contain sulpha/ is still used?

Q: Is Jagquin available over the counter?

A: Yes,it is available over the counter

Q: Is Jagquin risk-free in G6PD shortage?

A: No, as there may be a risk of hemolysis in patients with G6PD shortage. Almethods seek guidance from your doctor regarding its use

Q: Is Jagquin banned in Nigeria?

A: Yes, it is banned in Nigeria

Q: What is Lariago tablet/Lariago syrup/Lariago-DS/ Resochin used for?

A: These are the trade names of products including the medicine chloroquine and are used in the trconsumement of malaria

Q: Does Jagquin affect birth control/ affect the birth control pill/birth control pill/ menstrual cycle cycle?

A: No, it does not affect birth control/ affect birth control pill/birth control pill/ menstrual cycle cycle. Patients should follow the guidance of the doctor regarding its use

Q: Does Jagquin cause nightmares/sleeplessness?

A: Jagquin camaking use of these side impacts is rare or uncommon. Almethods seek guidance from your doctor for the modification of dose regimen or an alternative medicine of choice that may strictly be required.

Q: What should i do if i forgot to take Jagquin 40 mg Injection

A: Take it as soon as possible.

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